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If your vehicle is written off or stolen then your motor insurer will normally only pay out the current market value of the vehicle. In most cases this could leave a financial shortfall that you will need to deal with.

Guaranteed Asset Protection

MOT Insurance

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Guaranteed Asset Protection

Let us arrange protection for you against any unexpected financial loss

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is designed to cover a motorist’s financial shortfall in the event their vehicle is declared a total loss. We offer several GAP schemes – Finance GAP, Contract Hire GAP, Return to Invoice Insurance and Vehicle Replacement Insurance.

Financing your Vehicle


Purchase price of the vehicle £18,999. The current finance settlement for your vehicle is £19,200.

Your motor insurance company pay-out £12,000.

The Guaranteed Asset Protection payout would provide the extra £7,200 to clear your outstanding finance - subject to terms and conditions

Cash Purchase


You pay £18,999 for your vehicle and your vehicle is written off.

Your motor insurance company payout is £12,000.

An RTI pay-out of £6,999 tops it up to the price you originally paid - subject to terms and conditions

What is it likely to cost me for Guaranteed Asset Protection?

Your vehicle's value £1 to £5,000 £5,001 to £10,000 £10,001 to £15,000 £20,000
Premium £349 £399 £499 £599
Maximum Benefit £5k £10k £15k £20k
Find out more about our Guaranteed Asset Protection
  • Finance GAP
    The original GAP product. Finance Guaranteed Asset Protection provides the protection between the value of a car on the day it was stolen or written off and the outstanding finance on the vehicle.
    • Available for all types of purchase finance
    • Can cover the insurance company excess in addition to any finance company disparity
    • Maximum finance term 60 months
  • Contract Hire GAP
    Similar to Finance GAP, this is for Contract Hire & Leasing customers and pays for up to 100% of the outstanding future monthly rentals. Maximum finance term 48 months.
  • Return to Invoice Insurance
    In the event of a vehicle being declared a total loss, this product will help the customer bridge the difference between the motor insurer pay-out and the original invoice price of the vehicle.
    • Available to all cash and finance customers buying their car
    • Can cover any customer motor insurance company excess payment in addition to paying any finance company disparity
    • Available for periods up to 36 months
    • Can be combined with Finance GAP to give an all-encompassing product
  • Vehicle Replacement Insurance
    In the event of a vehicle being declared a total loss, this product will replace the customer’s vehicle and put them back into an equivalent model.
    • Will put the customer back into a ‘new or equivalent’ vehicle for up to 3 years
    • Can be combined with Finance GAP
    • Can cover any customer motor insurance company excess payment
    • We will always look to buy the customer’s replacement vehicle from the original supplying dealer
  • How much will my insurer pay out if my vehicle is written off/stolen?
    Even if you have a comprehensive motor insurance policy it’s very likely that they will only pay out the current market value of your vehicle - it’s also very likely that this will be less than you paid for it or less than any outstanding finance you have on it.
  • What are the financial implications to me?
    If you wanted to buy a like-for-like replacement vehicle then you may be left having to fund the difference yourself or even having to consider down-grading to a more affordable replacement option. Similarly, you could be left having to pay out and the amount required to settle your finance agreement.
  • How can I protect myself against financial loss?
    This is where Combined GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) can help. If your vehicle is written off or stolen and declared a total loss by your motor insurer, Combined GAP will cover the difference between the vehicles market value and the net invoice price you paid for it or any outstanding finance (whichever greater). The current market value is defined as either your main motor insurer pay out or, in some cases, the retail transacted value shown in Glass’s Guide.

*This product is administered by WMS group.

MOT Insurance

Protecting you against unexpected expense from MOT failure

Your new vehicle will come with an MOT and although vehicle reliability has improved over the years, our experience shows that many vehicles may still fail their annual MOT test.

Protect yourself against your car failing and take out an insurance policy to help recover the costs of a failed MOT.

Find out more about our MOT Insurance
  • Why do I need MOT insurance?
    A large number of vehicles fail their MOT test which can lead to unexpected and unbudgeted expense.

    The MOT test is a specific assessment of your vehicle to ensure it meets the minimum environmental and road safety standards - it is not a test of its general mechanical condition.
  • How can I protect yourself against this expense?
    MOT Insurance will cover the repair/or replacement of items listed in the ‘components covered’ section of your Terms & Conditions and cited on your ‘Notification of refusal to issue an MOT certificate’ (VT30).
  • A few things to be aware of
    1:If you make a claim, you will only pay the cost of any items not covered by the policy.
    2:Once you have taken out the insurance, you will be asked to service your vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
    3:Your vehicle will only be covered provided it meets the eligibility criteria as specified at the commencement date of your policy. Terms & Conditions will be supplied upon request.
    4:Your vehicle must have at least 3 months MOT cover remaining at the start of the policy.

*This product is administered by WMS group.

5 Day Insurance

Fully Comprehensive 5-day insurance with Aviva

We want to make sure that buying your car from S W Car Supermarket is a pleasurable experience. To show how much we really appreciate your custom, we have teamed up with AVIVA who will be the provider of our 5 days low cost insurance scheme.

It’s a fully comprehensive 5-day cover which will removes the hassle of you having to arrange the insurance before collecting your car.

Paint Protection

Why not let us protect your investment

Today there are many things to consider when choosing to purchase a new or used car. There's the environment, the running costs and of course, the eventual residual returns after the initial financial investment.

At SW Car Supermarket we only use the very best materials, that's why we use Williams Racing ceramic paint protection.

Find out more about our Paint Protection
  • Williams Racing's Ceramic Coat Paint Protection
    Without Ceramic Coat protection your paintwork could be become dull and faded over time, when exposed to atmospheric pollutants and harsh car wash chemicals. The paintwork will progressively fade and hold dirt meaning cleaning and washing will become harder.

    Ceramic Coat bonds with the pores in your paintwork, alloys, bumpers and glass (subject to Ts & Cs) leaving a smooth, high gloss nish. Protect your vehicle from tree sap, traf c pollutants, strong car wash chemicals and everyday weathering including UV light and frost.
  • Appearance
    Protects all exterior paintwork and locks in showroom shine, making your vehicle more attractive to buyers when the time comes to resell it.
  • Save Time
    No need to polish your car. Ceramic Coat has an active ingredient which repels dirt and grime making cleaning your car easier and quicker.
  • Save Money
    The reduced build-up of dirt and grime leads to savings on the cost of washing and waxing. Ceramic Coat will also prevent paintwork dulling over time.

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