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Tougher punishments for speeding in England and Wales

    On the 24th April tougher punishments were introduced for people caught speeding in England and Wales.

    The new guidelines will see drivers caught doing 41mph in a 20mph zone or 101mph on a motorway fined up to 175% of their weekly income. Previously this was capped at 100%.

    The new regulations are a great way to deter regular speed offenders; it should make people think twice before pushing over 100mph on a motorway.

    The new fines are broken down into bands A to C, with A being the lowest of the fines and C being the highest.

    Speed limit (mph)Recorded speed (mph)  
    2041 and above31-4021-30
    3051 and above41-5031-40
    4066 and above56-6541-55
    5076 and above66-7551-65
    6091 and above81-9061-80
    70101 and above91-10071-90
    Sentencing rangeBand C fine (125-175% of weekly income)Band B fine (75-125% of weekly income)Band A fine (25-75% of weekly income)
    Ban or PointsSeven to 56 days or six pointsSeven to 28 days or four to six pointsThree points

    Although the fines state up to 175% of your weekly salary there is still a cap on the amount that you can be charged. For non-motorway offences there is a cap of a £1,000 and for motorway offences £2,500.

    The new fines will certainly hurt anyone caught speeding but they should also serve as a good deterrent and make anyone thinking of breaking the speed limit less likely to do so.

    The only issue we see here is being up to 175% of your weekly salary will hurt ‘regular’ earners a lot more than people earning a lot more as the fine is capped at £2,500. We will have to see how the changes work out over the coming months.

    Transport For London

    Cars need to meet minimum emission standards when travelling in the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) or the daily charge must be paid.

    Minimum emission standards

    Petrol: Euro 4
    Diesel: Euro 6

    The ULEZ will be enforced based on the declared emissions of the vehicle rather than the age. However:

    Information from Transport For London

    Check this car on the TFL website before purchasing: https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/ultra-low-emission-zone/vrm-checker-ulez

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    Variable admin fee is charged as listed below:

    1. Retail customers pay £199.
    2. Repeat customers purchasing a 2nd car within 12 months of the original invoice date £0.
    3. Retail customers arranging finance using brokers outside of our immediate panel of lenders £399.
    4. Trade customers making a purchase as the motor trade £499.
    5. Export customers including Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland £499.
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