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Porsche Joins The Electric Revolution: Meet The Taycan

  • Published: 20 September 2019

The wraps are finally off, the new Porsche Taycan is here. After months of speculation and teaser shots, Porsche recently took the covers off of their all-new and first, fully electric machine and it’s called the Taycan.

As the popularity of electric cars rises at an unrelenting pace, car manufacturers around the world are having to keep up and supply this increasing demand. Initially slow off of the mark, the more established motor manufacturers were arguably slow to react to the threat posed by the likes of Tesla.

Arriving on the scene less than 10 years ago and spearheaded by maverick leader Elon Musk, Tesla has quickly established itself as the world leader for electric vehicles. First came the Roadster, then the Model S. The Model X SUV model quickly followed, then the highly popular Model 3.

Stealing sales away from the established elite, Tesla has pretty much had the premium EV market to themselves with the Model 3 becoming the most pre-ordered car in history with half a million units pre-ordered before the car had even made it to production.

Quickly realising the market potential, manufacturers started to invest considerable time and financial resource into creating a Tesla rival. One of the first major manufacturers to bring a sports car product to market is Porsche.

Meet the Taycan. Building on Porsches philosophy for unrivalled road handling and performance, the Taycan is billed as the ultimate electric sports car and on the face of it, coming from a company that produces the iconic 911, the electric sports car recipe looks good.

The first point to note is the way that the Taycan looks. It’s unmistakably Porsche, a hybrid of a 911 front end and a Cayman/911 rear, Porsche’s unmistakable design philosophy is present for all to see. It strikes a confident poise at it sits on those dual coloured alloy wheels and looks every bit the sleek sports car it’s meant to be.

Open the door and step inside and you are greeted with what is an unmistakable interior. That is however until you take a deeper look. Items such as the sports Chrono pack clock are still here, but it is in a technological sense where we first get the biggest indication that we may be sitting in an all-electric machine.

There are screens in abundance. Gone are any analogue dials and buttons and in their place are elegant touch screens, designed to bring information and functions direct to driver and passenger alike. The cabin is a truly impressive place to be, but it has to be to compliment the tech that lies beneath…

Powering the Taycan to Tesla Model S rivalling performance are two electric motors, one mounted on each axle front and rear. Working with the battery packs, the Taycan will be good for a range of 262 miles for the Turbo S and a more plentiful 283 miles in the Turbo.

Initially, the Porsche Taycan will come in two specifications, Turbo and Turbo S and both produce around 625 bhp with both motors combined. The Turbo S will utilise a powerful front inverter to produce an ‘overboost’ setting which raises the Turbo S’s power output to 761 bhp. These are impressive figures for a car that boasts four doors. With this amount of bhp, it is perhaps unsurprising then that standstill to 62 mph falls in a mere 2.8 seconds.

Whilst performance is impressive, the Taycan isn’t exactly cheap. The Taycan Turbo starts at £115,858, while the more powerful Turbo S sees prices in the brochure starting at £138,826.

On sale now, the Taycan is set to add a whole new dimension to the electric vehicle game and looks set to be the first credible candidate to threaten Tesla’s stranglehold on the market. Will the Taycan be a major success? Only time will tell, but the early signs look encouraging...

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