In a recent investigation conducted by Trading Standards and the tyre safety campaigner TyreSafe, just 13 of 152 used tyre outlets were found to be selling products that met the legal requirements.

It’s shocking but true that some establishments are fitting tyres that contain water, with TyreSafe saying it was all too common to see tyres with nails or other sharp objects embedded in them.

As tyres are the only part of the car that’s in contact with the road surface, their integrity is of the upmost importance, a lot rides on their condition.

Faults or defects could result in the driver losing control of their vehicle, risking the lives of themselves, other road users and any passengers that may be in the vehicle.

They may seem like a cheap alternative, especially if your car has seen better days, but part worn tyres are a potential accident in the making.

So, should you buy Part Work Tyres? In the UK it is not illegal to sell a part worn tyre, in fact legislation has been put in place to permit the sale, subject to the tyres meeting a number of strict criteria. However, the number of part worn tyres sold illegally is worrying and poses a serious safety risk to motorists.

At SW Car Supermarket we feel very strongly on this subject and actively encourage motorists to purchase new tyres.


What do Trading Standards say?

To protect motorists, trading standards have defined the legal expectations of a part worn tyre.

Part worn tyres must:

Have an EC approval mark and a speed & load capacity index

Be marked with 'PART-WORN' in upper case letters at least 4mm high.

Not have a cut over 25mm or 10% of the section width of the tyre

Not have any internal or external lump, bulge or tear

Not have any ply or cord exposed

Not have any penetration damage that has not been repaired

The original tread pattern of the tyre must be at least 2mm deep