It won’t have escaped your notice that over a few weeks’ prices of fuel jumped with further price rises seemingly daily

This has seen the steepest monthly rise for the past 18 years.

The cost of unleaded petrol has jumped by almost 6p a litre in May with the price of diesel going up by even more, with a 6.12p a litre increase.

Of course there are regional variations and types of outlet with motorway service stations charging an eye watering 147.80 a litre for diesel

The rising oil prices and a weaker pound have inflicted pain on motorists that simply need to use a car. Oil prices in May 2018 passed 80 dollars a barrel and so far in June have fallen back to 75 dollars a barrel, perhaps offering a glimmer of hope that prices may fall during the rest of June and the months ahead.

Change your buying habits

We suggest getting to know the filling stations close to where you live and work - presuming there is some competition between retailers, which seem to be competitive on price?

Even taking a small detour to visit a cheap forecourt can save you as much as a few pence for every litre. Over one tank that’s noticeable: over 12 months’ motoring, that’s a saving that could stretch into the hundreds.

And look beyond the supermarkets too - some independent retailers can be extremely cost-competitive.