Let’s take a look at when you should replace them.

Tyres are the only contact point your car has with the road, so it is crucial you keep your tyres in good condition and change them when needed. 

Did you know that a worn tyre can cost you three points on your license and a £2,500 fine.  

When should my tyres be replaced?  

The minimum tyre depth is 1.6mm across the central three quarters of they tyre. If your tyres are less than 1.6mm across the tyre then they’re illegal and will need changing.  

How to check your tyres 

You don’t just have to rely on looking at your tyres, there is a test you can perform at home to check if your tyres meet the legal limit.  

Place a 20p piece in the grip at the centre of your tyre, in-between the tyres read grooves. The band around the 20p coin shouldn’t be visible, and your tyres tread should cover it. If the band is exposed then your tyres will need replacing.  

Advisable treat limit 

1.6mm may be the legal limit for tread on your tyres, but it is advisable to change your tyres before they read this depth. The advisable limit is 3mm, because of how hard your tyres have to work.  

The difference between 1.6mm and 3mm for stopping is as much as 44%. So it is important to keep an eye on your tyre tread and change your tyres as they wear.   

At SW Car Supermarket we offer a free tyre checking service and offer great rates on a range of tyres, so if you would like a professional opinion then book an appointment with our service department and we will be able to assist you.