Clearing snow off of your car can help you avoid fines and keep you safe.

We all know the feeling, especially given the recent weather conditions.  You go out to your car to find it covered tyre to roof in snow – it’s a sinking feeling, one where your hands will inevitably suffer from getting cold, your socks will probably get wet and you will end up getting in your car cold and soggy. 

To avoid this it can be tempting to just wipe your windscreen clear, jump in the drivers seat and make way to your destination. However, did you know that it is actually illegal to not be able to see out of every glass panel? 

According to the Highway Code if you are driving in adverse weather conditions you must be able to see out of every glass panel. 

If you fail to adhere to this rule, you get could pulled over and fined, or worse, you could up injuring yourself or someone else.

It is worth taking the time to remove the snow from your car properly and to avoid any fines or accidents.   

How about snow on my roof? 

It may not be a glass panel, but snow on your roof should also be cleared. If you brake suddenly all of that snow from your roof could end up on your windscreen, blocking your field of view.

If it can fall onto your windscreen it can also fall in the way of someone else, which could leave you in trouble and facing a fine for ‘driving without due consideration’.  

Lights and plates 

The same rule applies for your cars lights and number plates, they must be clear at all times. 

You will need to remove any snow from your lights and number plates too. 

Check your mirrors 

Your mirrors will need clearing before you move off too, you will need to be able to see and failure to do so could result in three points and a £60 fine.